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Science 8-10

Building on laboratory skills and the methods of scientific inquiry introduced in Science 8, students discover some of the
more basic principles of physics, chemistry, space science, and
biology through experimentation and class activities.
Areas of study include: biology, cell division and reproduction;
physics, characteristics of electricity; chemistry, atoms,
elements and compounds; and space exploration.
Recommendation: SC 8

SCIENCE 10 331
Science 10 is a provincially examinable course. The exam is
worth 20% of the course.
This course continues to introduce and use the methods and
applications of science. Science 10 is designed to provide
opportunities for students to develop scientific knowledge,
skills, and attitudes that will be relevant in their everyday lives
and their future careers. Areas of study include; Sustainability
of Ecosystems, Chemical Reactions and Radioactivity, Motion,
Energy Transfer in Natural Systems and Plate Tectonics.
Recommendation: SC 9