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Physics 11 is an introductory course which covers the Topics of kinematics, free fall with gravity, dynamics, work, energy, momentum, power, circuitry, and relativity. It is strongly recommended that Pre-Calculus Math 11 be taken prior to or concurrently. Students who have weak Algebra skills may wish to take Physics 11 in their Grade 12 year.

Recommendation: SC 10 (C+ or better), Pre-Calc Math 10 (C+ or better)

This course is a survey of physics for those students requiring physics for post-secondary studies. The following topics are studied: Vectors, 2D kinematics, dynamics, energy and momentum, static equilibrium, circular motion, electrostatics, and electromagnetism. The course will be easier for those students with a good mathematical sense and a solid foundation in algebra and trigonometry. Students are expected to develop skills in problem solving and in collection, analysis and reporting of experimental results. It is strongly recommended that Pre-Calculus Math 12 be taken concurrently.

Recommendation: PH 11 (C+ or better), Pre-Calc Math 11
(C+ or better)