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This is an introductory course for students with a general interest in Chemistry as well as for those who require Chemistry for more advanced study in the Sciences and is recommended for Biology 12. Topics include the study of atoms and molecules, as well as how they are bonded and how bonding can affect their structure and properties. The study of the mole and how it is used in quantitative measurements in chemistry involving solids, liquids and gases. The study of organic chemistry, the wide variety of organic compounds and how they react. This course involves the development of skills in experimentation, including observation, analysis and recording of results in lab reports. Ability in mathematics is essential.

Chemistry 12 is a course which provides an in-depth study of reaction rates, equilibrium, solubility, acids and bases, and oxidation-reduction. Success in the course requires ability in problem solving and the handling of numerical calculations, as well as a demonstrated ability to perform, analyze and report on experiments in the various topics. Good math skills are essential.