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BIOLOGY 11 431
This course presents a representative sample of organisms and
introduces students to a variety of laboratory skills and scientific
processes. The three main themes in Biology 11 are unity and
diversity, evolutionary relationships and ecological relationships. Under these themes, the Biology 11 curriculum is
organized into seven (7) main sections: processes of Science,
Taxonomy, Evolution, Ecology, Microbiology, Plant Biology
and Animal Biology. Biology 11 demands that students be
prepared to develop a strong understanding of biological
terminology as the course progresses. These skills are also
extended into Biology 12.
Recommendation: SC 10

BIOLOGY 12 531
Biology 12 focuses on human biology. The three main themes
are cell biology, cell processes and applications, and human
biology. Under these themes, the Biology 12 curriculum is
organized into 14 main sections: cell structure, cell compounds,
biological molecules, DNA, protein synthesis, cancer, cell membranes, enzymes, digestion, circulation, respiration, nervous
system, urinary system, and reproductive system. An ability to
work with and understand biological terminology is essential.
Biology 12 may include “blood labs.” These labs will only
occur with written permission from a parent or guardian
and full compliance with School District 68 protocols.
Additional information will be provided by the Biology 12
Strongly recommend Ch 11.
Minimum C+ in Bi 11 recommended.