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Do you like to travel? Do you like Spanish food? Do you want to be able to speak another language? Then Spanish 9 is for you! This course is a terrific introduction to Spanish language and culture through realistic scenarios and engaging activities.
No prerequisite for Spanish 9

Did you love the Food Truck project in Spanish 9? Do you want to develop some useful travel vocabulary while continuing to learn more about and experience Hispanic culture? This course will help you to build your fluency and comprehension in Spanish through practical and engaging activities.
Recommendation for Spanish 10 is Spanish 9

Look how far you have come!  You are now a senior Spanish student. At this point, you have developed some amazing vocabulary with an understanding of Spanish verbs and Hispanic culture around the world.  Let’s build on that by learning to put those skills into practice. How about an authentic Spanish restaurant experience right in your own classroom?
*Some universities require a language up to Grade 11 level
Recommendation for Spanish 11 is Spanish 10 or Beginners’ Spanish 11.

Do you wish you knew another language? It’s never too late to start! This is an intensive introductory course which combines Spanish 9 and 10. You will develop some practical skills through engaging activities, while learning about Hispanic culture.
Students can enroll in Spanish 11 after completing Beginners’ Spanish 11.