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German 9:

This is an introductory course. The aims of this course are to begin a comprehension of spoken and written German. The German culture is introduced in a variety of ways. Those students who successfully complete German 9 will qualify for German 10 the following year.


German 10:

This second year course further develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. More emphasis will be placed on expressing ideas in spoken and written language. The German culture is further explored through a variety of activities and projects.


Beginners’ German 11:

Students wishing to complete their language requirement in 2 years can choose Beginners’ German 11 followed by German 11. This is an introductory course which covers two years of course material in one. It is offered to students whoa re at the grade 10, 11 or 12 level and feel they have the skills to work at an accelerated pace.


German 11:

This is a continuation of the German 10 course with increased emphasis on listening and speaking skills, while the development of reading and writing skills is continued. Projects and activities to develop a deeper understanding of the culture are continued. Students who successfully completed German 10 or Beginners’ German 11 qualify for this course.