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  French 9: Liked French 8? NICE! This course expands on and further develops the basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills learned in French 8. Learn more about the culture and increase your communication skills through real-life themes, cultural activities and projects. Recommendation for French 9 is French 8     French 10: If …

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German 9: This is an introductory course. The aims of this course are to begin a comprehension of spoken and written German. The German culture is introduced in a variety of ways. Those students who successfully complete German 9 will qualify for German 10 the following year.   German 10: This second year course further …

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SPANISH 9 SP 9 SPANISH 10 SP 10 SPANISH 11 SP 11 BEGINNERS’ SPANISH 11 (New) BSP 11 Trial offering at Dover Bay Secondary School. Depending on enrolment, this program may be implemented and continued the following year. This is an introductory course with an emphasis on a communicative approach to language learning through the …

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