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Dover Bay offers Animation 10, Animation 11, and Animation 12 courses. In Animation 10 the course covers 2D animation with Flash, and 3D animation with 3D Studio Max. We also have 3D Animation software titled Maya and Blender.

The Animation 11 course, another introductory course to animation, covers only 3D Animation.

The Animation 12 course, continues from where the Animation 11 course leaves off and offers many avenues of skill development.

Animation Awards: 2011 Nationals Skills Canada Animation Gold

Animation Awards: 2012 Nationals Skills Canada Animation Gold

Animation 10

Animation 10 Assignments and Information: Course Outline:   Assignments: Hand-outs: Spheres Medieval Castle Desk Blocks tutorial bedroom The car investigates the room Kung Fu movie intro Bowling final anim project Mouse Trap (if extra time) glass MakingaMirror old car – Zip file Storyboard Flash Intro Car Race Car Driving Home Indy magnifying glass  

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Animation 11

Assignments: Kitchen criteria fighterplane tutorial, images needed: Top view, Left view, Front view Star Trek Rules shrekish alienish Team animation – storyboard – self evaluation Design own character and create your own animation. Use either patch modelling or low poly modelling. reactor tutorials Wind in Reactor Final project

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Animation 12

Animation 12 Using the 3D Studio Max software, an industry standard program, students will advance their skills in modeling & animation and explore Character Animation. Students will work on projects demonstrating problem solving abilities, tutorial comprehension, and tutorial creation aptitude. Students will model and animate characters in a 3D environment possibly working in groups to …

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