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This popular course introduces students to the basics of computer programming. Anyone can do it and it is fun, fun, fun! With online tutorials designed for all levels of learning, students will have the opportunity to create a number of projects to demonstrate what they have learned. We will dabble with webpage designs, basic game development, photo editing, animation, and keyboarding. Students will have one day per week to investigate and learn any computer skills they wish to develop on their own. This is genius time—the time to explore, and then share what you learned so we all increase our learning! Roll out the red carpet, pop the popcorn, and select this class to enjoy the times when we sit back and enjoy the films we create!

Robotics 9 is an introductory course to the uses of electronics and robotics and is part of the new STEM curriculum. Students will explore components of an electric circuit, basic robot behaviours, and mechanical devices for the transfer of mechanical energy, and robotics coding and programming. This hands on course allows students to learn with robotics equipment including VEX robots, Mindstorms Lego Robot, Arduino programming and many more. Students will explore how robotics are changing our world in many forms including careers opportunities, artificial intelligence and how robots work in many industries.

This course is a preparatory course in Computer Science. The course will cover Basic Computer programming, Digital Imagery and Media Development, Applied Digital Communications, Web Page Publishing, and Multimedia Presentations beyond PowerPoint. While most students can do Facebook and get cheat codes, this course will empower students to outperform their peers in digital presentations and communication. In IT 10, students will also learn the hardware of computers, digital imagery techniques to craft unique graphics. A final project will be developed using multimedia software that will combine text, graphics, video and sound in a professional style format.

New The Robotics Industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. Technology companies engineer robots for fields in health, military, retail and many more and most products we buy have software involved or associated with them. This generation of students need knowledge in coding, programming, designing, and engineering and this industry will be in high demand for the jobs of the future. This project-based course deals with the design and implementation of behavior-based robots to accomplish specific tasks. Students will learn about the evolution of Robotics, use electronic tools and test equipment in order to build, test, and modify various types of circuits and simple robots. Programming and building materials may include using VEX IQ and VEX EDR systems, while learning to code with Robot C and other platforms. Various opportunities are available to work individually and in partnerships. The course is a mixture of lectures, discussion, projects, class presentations and friendly competitions. Previous robotics courses are an asset as well as skills using computer programs such as google docs and google slides. Any previous coding experience is an asset.

Are you interested in graphic design, photography, photo journalism or publishing? This is the course for you. Get practical experience and build your portfolio by learning a variety of different photography skills. This course is to introduce students to the power of a digital camera, get experience with a DSLR camera and to develop skills with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe IN-Design. Students may also do a unit on black and white film photography

New The Robotics Industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. Technology companies engineer robots for fields in health, military, retail and many more and most products we buy have software involved or associated with them. This course is about furthering the students understanding of the world in electronics and encoding. It is delivered using a combination of theory and practical based exercises. This course also expands on topics from Robotics 10, which allows students to control electronic circuits with an Arduino microcontroller. Students will continue to build and design their own robots that are able to complete a set of challenges using VEX IQ and VEX EDR equipment. They will use considerably more sensory feedback systems into their robot designs. Students also have the opportunity to potentially compete in various school and district robotics competitions. Any previous coding experience is an asset.

Mobile game design and development is currently one of the largest emerging IT fields around. Today’s mobile devices have changed how we communicate and entertain, making mobile application developers one of the fastest growing careers! Do you play games on your phone or iPad? Always wanted to create your own game? Then this is the course for you. Mobile Video Game Design 11 focuses on providing students with a solid foundation in the technical skills needed to be successful in the emerging field of mobile application, design and development. Students will gain a strong knowledge of multiplatform mobile technologies such as android and apple devices and learn the important design aspects and basic programming skills for their games. This course is a great introduction into Computer Programming 11 and Animation 11.

This course is a continuation of Digital Photography 10. Students will continue to develop their skills with digital cameras and continue to enhance their photo journalism skills. We will also continue to dive further into Adobe Photoshop and Adobe In-Design. Students will be expected to take photographs for the development of our yearbook and possibly use their skills to design yearbook pages. Students may also do a unit on black and white film photography. Didn’t take Digital Photography 10? That is fine, Digital Photography 10 is not a prerequisite.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see your work published? Would you like to learn about leading industry software packages such as Adobe In-design and Photoshop? The yearbook course is for you. Students will photograph, design, interview, and create great pages that go into the yearbook, for all to see. We use Digital SLR cameras that encourage students to take professional quality pictures. Then, they can manipulate them with our classroom software. The course satisfies both the Applied Skills and Fine Arts requirements for graduation.

Shoot video? Ever wonder how to what it REALLY takes to make those videos look more professional? This introductory 21 course will show you how. All areas of the production process will be covered to help you achieve your goals more affectively: storytelling, storyboarding, camera shots and angles, directing, filming, editing, audio, lighting, and production management. Assignments will include shooting two or more films that will later be sent to festivals around the world. Theory work will include viewing and critiquing films and apply that learning into their final projects. Students can expect to finish the course and be able to produce their own independent films. *This course is open to Grade 10 students as well.

In this course, students will be taking on a leadership role within the school. They will be responsible for taking photos for the yearbook (during school time and after school hours) and work closely with the yearbook class. They will also be taking photographs for our school newspaper, our TV monitor system and our school website. Students will also dive further into the potential of a DSLR camera, while continuing to develop their Adobe Photoshop and Adobe In-design skills. This course is a must for any student wishing to pursue a career in graphic design, photography or journalism as careers in photography are discussed along with learning about different photographers from around the world. Digital Photography 11 is a prerequisite.

Students enrolled in Yearbook 12 will build upon their knowledge learned in Yearbook 11. These students will take on a leadership role and editorial responsibilities in the production of the school yearbook. NOTE: Students cannot receive credit for both Yearbook and Photography 12.

Successful students currently employed within the film industry in Vancouver and Toronto highly recommend this course if you are a filmmaker wishing to make the film industry a career. An advanced course in filmmaking that goes beyond the material learned in Film 11, students will extend techniques in cinematography, sound, editing, directing, etc. and produce their learning within two to three films. Students can expect to finish the course and be able to produce and promote their own independent films and/or find possible employment within the film industry as crew. It is expected that students will have completed Film 11 in order to be successful in this advanced course. Recommendation: Film and Television 11, Media Studies 11, a film portfolio or permission of the instructor.


Animation / Media Design Congratulations to our Gold winning team at the 2018 Provincial Skills Canada Competition in 3D Computer Animation MEDIA DESIGN 9 This course introduces the students to the different aspects of computer graphics and animation. This course is offered to support and encourage students to explore the diversity and possibilities of computer …

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Computer Programming PROGRAMMING 11 In the Programming 12 course students will use several different programming languages to develop programming skills. Using the Internet and other informational sources students will gain an expansive understanding of the software development industry. Students will continue to learn logics and graphic programming. This course is appropriate for individuals who are …

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Web Design

Web Design WEB. DEV. 10 – FORMERLY WEB DEV. 11 The internet is changing the way we work in society. Being able to effectively use different computer programs will make students more valuable to potential employers. Web Development 11 is a great course that permits the arts and academics to combine with ease. This course …

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