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Wood Design 8

This is a combination woodworking and drafting course in which the students learn to accurately draft plans for projects of their own design, which they then build in the second half of the course. Students also use the woodshop TOOLS & MACHINES to safely build simple games and puzzles, etc. from wood and clear plastic.

Woodworking 9/10

This course is an introduction to the safe and correct use of woodworking tools and machinery, as well as to common joinery and finishing procedures.
Students will be required to build projects centered on box construction and table construction techniques. In each assignment, a limited choice of projects is available, and upon completion of the course students will typically have built for themselves four or five projects.

Construction 11

Because these courses begin with a review of safe general woodworking and machinery use skills, students who enter at these grade levels are usually able to do so very successfully. The grade eleven courses are centered around the building of cabinet and furniture items such as: tables, desks, floor and wall-mounted cabinets, etc., as well as a mass-production teamwork exercise in which cool stuff such as toys and games are built, marketed, and profits shared.

Construction 12

Grade 12 students get serious: they learn how to build a house by framing-up exact scaled replicas of a home and by building either a shed, playhouse, or garage. They then go on to build for themselves a medium-sized cabinet or furniture time of their choice.