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Power Mechanics

Grade 8

Power Mechanics involved in the Life Skills rotation

With the limited time available it is hoped that each student will complete basic instruction in tool safety and operation. Welding Oxy Acetylene cutting and Plasma cutting as well as metal Fabrication will leave you with projects to take home or continue in a second enrolment in the mechanical field. Discussions on Engine operation will compose part of the Information provided.

Grade 9

Power mechanics (full semester)

This introductory program will involve hands on work in the following: Safe tool use and equipment operation. Welding and Oxy Acetylene cutting and use of the computer controlled Plasma Cutting Table. The disassemble and reassembly of a small gas engine will be the focus. Reconditioning the engine will provide the student with a clear understanding of engine operation and maintenance. There will be time in this course to pursue personal projects like a Mini Bike design or a Go cart. Some fees will be applied to cover material. There will also be some clothing requirements to be discussed during the Introduction in the course.

Power mechanics 9 (half semester, backed with another elective or Capp.)

With limited time available, each student will be provided with instruction on the safe use of the tools and disassemble and reassemble of a small gas engine. There will be time for several metal related projects like the Computer operated Plasma Cutter and demonstrations of other metal working equipment. Some basic projects will be completed. Introduction to the MIG welders will be a focus as well and welding proficiency will be attempted by each student.


Mechanic 10, 11, 12

Since there are no prerequisites for any of these courses this explanation will cover them all. Beginners to these programs will complete a Module on Safety and basic tool use. Students that have completed successfully one of the grade 10, 11, or 12 programs will do a refresher on rules and Lift safety along with basic tool and equipment use.

The beginners will follow a set of 4 labs that will take each student through the process of taking an engine apart preparing for reassemble and then putting it back together. There will be time for these students to be involved in LIVE work in the shop as well, earning credit toward their achievement. It is also anticipated that each student will use the equipment in the shop safely and consider a project to reflect their new found abilities.

Veterans to this program will be asked to select a series of modules to focus their studies. A general set of lectures on basic understanding of the Automobile will be given and there are expectations in regards to various Labs to be completed. It will be expected that students returning to Mechanics after completing a previous grade 10, 11, or grade 12 courses will have a basic understanding of the workings of an Automobile engine and basic understanding of the Automobile in general. Understanding and evidence of Equipment use for all seniors will be required. Welding, Cutting, Metal fabrication will compose the mandatory Project list. Live work on cars will make up the balance between new information and Metal project work to round out each students learning style. There are Fees to take these programs and responsibilities for special clothing. This will be discussed during the introduction in the course.