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An introductory course that will include wardrobe planning, study of colour and personal types, fitting techniques, use of interfacing, application of regular zipper, and a study of natural fibers. Projects will consist of a simple top or dress made from a commercial pattern using cotton or cotton-blend, a skirt or pants with a fitted waistline and capped zipper made from a commercial pattern, and a garment of choice using new techniques.

It is mainly a basic clothing construction course and learning evolves some creating of simple projects and easy pattern understanding through to developing more difficult skills. Garments sewn will be personal choices and might include a blouse, skirt, and dress. Students will learn to apply the art elements in making fashion choices. Other topics covered could include natural fibers and fabrics, labels, alterations and using a serger.

CLOTHING AND TEXTILES 12 This is mainly a construction course. The student will have the opportunity to further an interest in tailoring and pattern drafting and design. Special fabrics such as pile, leather, sheers, plaids, knits, etc., are studied. Projects will include selections in special fabrics and a man’s or child’s garment. Students will learn about textiles, garment and pattern industries and about merchandizing of clothing and fabrics.


TEXTILE ARTS AND CRAFTS 10 This is a course including a variety of crafts such as soft toy making, working with dried flowers, embroidery, room accessories, seasonal decorations, etc. Different techniques will be used to complete several projects. Design and art principles will be studied.

TEXTILE ARTA AND CRAFTS 11This course will be of particular interest to the student who has an appreciation of the skill and effort involved and the beauty created by techniques used in craft making. A variety of crafts will be created such as doll making, soft toys, machine and hand embroidery, seasonal decorations, attractive articles for home and personal use, room accessories, etc. Design and art principles will be studied.

Students will be required to complete several projects (crafts). Supplies are provided by the student.