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Business Education

ELECTIVE PACKAGE 8 (Keyboarding) LS 8
This section of the LS 8 course develops keyboarding skills on computers using the program All the Right Type. Students also gain skills on Dover Bay’s computer system by using Windows and Microsoft Publisher to create attractive and useful projects.

LIFE SKILLS 8 (Information Skills)
This section of the LS 8 course is designed to develop research skills through the use of Microsoft Works for Windows and CDROMS. It also emphasizes organizational skills as students are required to prepare a notebook to hand in for marking. Specifically, students learn how to set short-term goals, to use Windows, Encarta, SIRS, WorldBook, Library references, Canadian Encyclopedia, Macleans Magazine and others.

APPLIED SKILLS Offered by the Business Education Department
Half-semester courses are available in Business Education. In order to graduate students are now required to obtain a minimum of one-half semester of Applied Skills courses. Students may take any of the regular four credit full semester courses in Business Education and use these credits as Applied Skills credits toward their graduation requirements.

In this course students develop the organizational and managerial skills necessary to function effectively in a business environment. Topics such as management styles and issues, problem-solving and decision-making skills, individual and group dynamics, and the effective management or resources will be highlighted.

This course will include time on computers using desktop publishing, electronic mail, the Internet, and Microsoft Works. Prior keyboarding skills are recommended.

The information covered in this course is the same as Business Education 10. You can only take BE 10 or CE 12 once for credit.

The course will help to prepare students when they begin to buy cars, rent or lease apartments, apply for loans and mortgages, and begin to live their own financial lives. There will be an emphasis on money management and banking, consumer protection laws, credit and personal finance, and insurance – how to establish a credit rating, get that first car loan, find a great apartment, and furnish it. Computer applications will be taught as students learn about financial survival for the future.

This is a half semester course which may be combined with CAPP 9 or CAPP 10.

This course is an introduction to and a survey of the skills and knowledge students need to effectively manage the economic aspects of their lives. Topics such as career planning, marketing, personal financial management, communications, and the world of business are covered.

This course will be taught up to 50% of the time on a computer using Microsoft Works for Windows.


ACCOUNTING 11 AC 11 Students need financial, economic, and consumer skills to survive in our complex society. This course is designed as an introduction to accounting concepts for those seeking entry-level employment skills or wanting to know how to keep proper financial records in private life. Students gain insights into financial problems and solutions which …

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Information Management

KEYBOARDING 9 KB 9 KEYBOARDING 11 KB 11 The purpose of this course is to develop keyboarding proficiency on the computer as a personal life skill and as a foundation for career development. Students will develop keyboarding speed and accuracy, correct keyboarding techniques, composition, editing, formatting, design and display techniques, and other personal and business …

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MARKETING 11 MK 11 Marketing skills and strategies have applications to many careers and lead to the development of positive personal attributes. This marketing course is a practical, activity-based introduction to the subject. Students will learn how to be productive and motivated employees and gain confidence in their ideas for creative self-employment. Topics include: consumer …

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